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"As a seasoned traditional scrapbooker, I originally went to Vickie's Basic Digital Camera Class with my point and shoot to try and make sense of the instruction manual. My world changed overnight! I have been a regular class member for almost two years and now have a DSLR with several lenses. Learning to use Photoshop has given me an even greater avenue to explore my scrapbooking . I attend several classes a month . I am now taking better pictures and having more fun! Also from taking photoshop almost 2 years, I have started a little business along with my photo albums work. Photoshop is another outlet to be creative.- - Linda Williams _______________________________________________________________________________________


"As an aspiring, natural light, portrait photographer, I was panicked about shooting an indoor wedding with the use of flash. Vickie met me at the chapel on a prior day at the same time the wedding would be held. She figured out the settings and gave me hints on where to shoot. When we were done, I was confidant. I went on to do a great job!
Learning new concepts is difficult for me so Photoshop CS2 is an overwhelming challenge. Vickie understands my learning style and is able to translate how to use the techniques into a "language" I understand. She has been responsible for inspiring and motivating me with helpful hints to improve each image that I share with her. Not only is she an effective instructor, but a nice person too!"
- Bonnie Glod

"Hi Vickie.
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you yesterday. Thank you again for the OUTSTANDING training session. The instruction I received from you was exactly what I was looking for and WELL WORTH the trip to Dallas. I was afraid I wouldn't get a lot out of the training because I'm such a novice when it comes to Photoshop, but you put me at ease right away. I appreciate your patience in taking me through the more basic Photoshop tools and bringing me "up to speed" quickly so I could get the most out of the virtual tour training. I will probably need to come back for the week-long course towards the end of the year. Until then, Vickie, I hope we can keep in touch. Thanks again." - Lynne Bever

"Vickie Belt knows digital inside and out. She was teaching the basics when the digital cameras were first introduced and proceeded to master Photoshop. She is a patient and understanding instructor who can turn the most confused computer user into a Photoshop user in just a few lessons."- George Spray


Testimonials for Digital Camera and Photoshop Training

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"This photo was a winner in a photo contest put on by our local newspaper. Even though I created every aspect of the image, I have Vickie to thank for the success. From image capture to final print she influenced every aspect of my work. This was the first contest I've ever entered. As an amateur, I simply want to create the best picture that I can. That is why I continue in Vickie's classes.
On capture she advised, not too much sunset..."A sunset is God" she said," not the photographer". She advised adding a human element, so I added the swing and flags.
All of the image processing , using Photoshop CS2 I learned from Vickie. On this image I removed a distracting branch and part of another swing, softened the background, cleaned up some spiders living on the swing bottom, made the sunset warmer, created clouds to replace the removed swing, darkened the corners and made the sunlight through the flags pop. A year ago, when I stared with Vickie, these seemed impossible. On this image I spent 20 minutes.
Printing can be a tedious (and expensive) task if not done properly. With this type of work you don't just press Ctrl P and get an award winning picture. Color Management can make or break all the capture and processing work you've done. With Vickie's classes on Color Management I've been able to create stunning prints that my family and friends, and now some judges, enjoy."
- Larry Flake

"Photoshop can be complex and frustrating if you are not familiar with any digital computer programs. With Vickie's training session, she went through all of the tools and menu options and created exercises to incorporate how the tools and options work together. Vickie's lessons are personable and she works with you at your pace. Vickie was very open to my ideas and what I wanted out of Photoshop. From her outstanding and knowledgeable instruction, I was able to accomplish my personal and professional goals with Photoshop, and was also able to see all the amazing things Photoshop can do to improve images and graphics. Vickie made Photoshop fun to work with, and I would recommend her training classes and workshops to anyone who would like a personable learning experience."

- Michelle Mann ________________________________________________________________________________________________

"We had a great time in the digital basics class with Vickie!. We all had pretty much the same camera but different issues and Vicki was patient, enlightening, helpful and fun! We enjoyed our time together and are happy to say so much more confident in using and understanding the variety of features on our cameras. We are having fun experimenting now and learning as we go. Would highly recommend this class and Vickie to anyone who wants to really enjoy and have fun with their digital camera. Was a great family time for us as well and something you, too, *might want to consider!"
Julie Keith and daughters Jenn & Jodi


It was a pleasure to meet you and be able to spend time with you last night. I had almost given up on my camera not doing things the way I wanted it to. I was desperate, you gave me that smack in the head so to speak allowing me to put things in perspective ... your class was very insightful and revitalized my love for photography along with my "camera"!!! The way you read people and find that special way of relating to them in order to teach is a rare and gifted quality to have; I cannot wait for you to help me learn and explore deeper into digital photography. LOOK OUT FALL TIME !!!

Thank You SO MUCH!!!

Here is one my favorite pictures I have taken of an animal... just look like he was smiling perfectly for the's an "alpaca".. i call it "SHOWING THE PEARLIES



it was really great to find a place to take Photoshop lessons. Your prices are very reasonable and the instruction is easy to understand and will help anyone that wants to learn Photoshop. On the way home, I called several friends and they will be signing up soon. I have been a professional photographer for 35 years and graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography and have never had a more rewarding learning experience than with you. Please use me for a reference.
Thanks,"- Jim Beresford

Natalie had an AWESOME show yesterday! She sold $ 2500.00 worth of her photos. I think it truly gave her the boost in confidence and affirmation of her talent she needed. Thanks for all your instruction and support. Marcia











Left: Barbara Hollweg, center: Jane Goodall, right: Lewis Hollweg

Vickie is the complete package. Little did I know when I first contacted her with the goal of learning to use PhotoShop to edit my images that I would get so much wrapped in such a small bundle of energy. Not only has she patiently and expertly guided me through many of the intricacies of the massive CS3 and now CS4, she has taught me so much more, opening doors to areas I was totally unfamiliar with and expanding my knowledge and understanding of things I only thought I knew.......(click here to continue)

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