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An image is more than just a picture you see. Creativity appeals to other senses. Does an image make you want to touch it? Smell it? Taste it? Does the image remain with you as you walk out of the room. Does it make you think, wish, dream? Does it give you comfort or make you flinch? Does it communicate outside of its two dimensional limitation? Bottom line....will anyone buy it?

Photo contest advisors recommend "motion" and "emotion" are what judges look for in a winning image. Teachers say you must follow good design practices, such as the "rule of thirds". I think it important to learn rules and standard practices so that you know when to follow them, when to avoid them and when to mock them.

There is no greater rush than that split second when the shutter captures a vison that is flashing through my mind. Sometimes, I know in advance what I'm trying to represent and sometimes, if happens in a split second before I push the button. When I am at the computer, I look up to check the clock, only to realize a whole day has gone by. I am immersed in a world totally of my own creation. If what you create comes from the heart and wells up, bursting to get out, then you are doing it right. When you have found your voice, style, or form of expression, practice until it becomes your signature. The universe will rush in to support you.

Be patient and kind with yourself and others. I believe you must love the images you create and the act of creating them. If you are a good singer, you fall in love with your own voice. Please yourself first! Be honest about your perceptions and gentle with your criticism. Every failed attempt brings you closer to success. Below you will find several of my collections. I want to do more than just create pretty pictures. I am still striving to find a signature style. I would love to bring you along with me on my journey.

Florida Safari Gallery
Infrared Gallery
Whiterock Pelicans Gallery
Digital I Do Gallery
Early Work
Squirrel Gallery
Silo Gallery



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