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Inspirational Photo-Mini-Posters

When a person is confined to a 10X10 ft room we call that person a patient or prisoner. When sent up into space or down deep into the ocean and in a confined space, we call that person an adventurer. In the first case scenario, he or she is there by accident or surprise and must find a way to accept the new circumstances. In the second scenario, they are there by desire and accept the confined environment before committing to it.

My dear friend, Jack, spent the last two years of his life in a long term care facility after a biking accident. He was confined to a bed and a ventilator to assist him breathing. I started making small posters, from my photographic stock images, to cheer him up. This was intended to create a journey inward and to help him become and adventurer instead of a victim.

These are posters made from copywrited photographic images and not for the purpose of resale. I release them to you for the purpose of making a loved one's world a little better. The files will make an 8X10 print that is photo quality if printed on photo paper. These will fit nicely onto a limited wall space. The type is very large and easy to read from across the room. All you have to do is click on and image and wait for it to open. These are large files and that may take a minute. Right mouse click on the large picture and save it to a folder on your computer. Now you can access it through your printing program. If you just want to e-mail a small picture to a friend, then right click on the smaller version of the image on the next page and save it.

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