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SMU Youth Classes

These one week courses are taught at the SMU Legacy campus in Plano, Texas - Check SMU for pricing

At the Southern Methodist University site, Check in the Spring of 2010 for classes in June
Digital Photography Basics and Pixel Pics for Basic Photoshop Skills will be listed in the SMU course offerings

In this course, your child will learn basic photographic art skills by directing their perception in positive visual exercises. These exercises will help to promote self - confidence and create a habit of choosing to think in ways that express and communicate in a visual medium.


Digital Camera (at least 2 mega pixel)
Instruction manual for that camera
Clean removable memory card
Freshly charged battery
Flash drive at least 2GB
Smiling Face a must!

We walk a lot......Please have your child wear socks and tennis shoes!!!
Sunscreen and Insect Repellant are recommended.

A class will be made up of a minimum of 6 students and up to 21 students at SMU.

Only drinks with screw tops will be allowed in the classroom.
Avoid drinking and eating in the computer lab

I am willing to make special arrangements to teach classes in the summer for groups of 6 or more. You provide the group and we can go for 4 hours in the AM or Afternoon. Give me a call to discuss your situation.


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