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Digital Photography - Digital Manipulation - Digital Art

Your classes are fun, relaxing and informal.

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP classes will be conducted on posted days. Please refer to my online calender for scheduling. Each student will be seated at a computer and be personally guided by the instructor. The Digital Camera/Color Management Workflow course will fill up fast. So, you will want to reserve your space early. This course is a must for the professional and serious amateur photographer who is looking to work faster and smarter..

Tuition for each class is $150.00 per day. There is a reduced special rate of $600.00 for any 5 Photoshop classes as an introductory special. (see tuition).The classes are small and seating limited. Participants and repeaters please pre-register for these classes. I need at least two weeks notice in order to insure that I reserve space for you.

Many of my clients are private. I just finished a project with the photographer who is documenting Jane Goodall's Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Africa. Working with individuals is a more project oriented teaching experience and I find that students are more invested in learning the craft when they can work on their own images and at their own pace. Several of my students have been with me for a couple of years.....they keep coming up with more projects and then I am more of a consultant as they take a more proactive creative approach to accomplishing their goals

The learning center is located in Carrollton. I have both Mac and PC computers and many students prefer to bring their own. On a private basis, you are welcome to come work at the center or I can come to your location and advise you on how to set things up. I am well versed in equipment installation and operation. Check out pricing for private lessons.

Call me at 972-820-9917 or e-mail me: to make special private arrangements.


Setting Up Your Preferences in Photoshop
Tools and Option Bar
Defining Palettes, Panels and Flying Option Windows
Overview of Pull Down Menus
Color and Tonal Controls
File Size and Resolution Issues
Selection Tools

File formats
Images for the Web vs Images for Print Applications

Layer Management
Creating Useful Action Pallets
Painting from the History Pallet
Transforms and Smart Objects
Liquify, Lens Correction, Lens Blur
Color Correction Using Curves
Blending Modes
Converting to Black and White

Workflow and the Bridge/Digital Asset Management
This course discusses what to do with the images once you have downloaded them to the computer. What is the best way to sort, label and name them. How will you be able to find these images in the future? How do you prep the files? Do you want to make prints to hang on the wall or pictures to share on the web? More flexible image correction can be done if you shoot in RAW. Non destructive editing in the RAW file processor.

Set Up Your Preferences in the Bridge and Raw File Processor
Raw File Conversion and Batch Processes
Tag Your Images with Copywrite and Contact Info in Batches
DAM (Digital Asset Management)
Knowing Your Output:
Image Prep For Outlab Services
Image Prep For Your Printer
Image Prep For Web
ICC Profiles

Virtual Tours
Shooting a Panoramic
Tools, Camera, Lenses,Tripod, Indoor Lighting, Exposure
Color and SaturationTools
Layer Masking
Selection Masking
Selection Tools
Correcting Mismatches in Stitching
Layer Management
Removing Unwanted Elements

Photographic Restoration
Handling Old Photographs
Storing Old Photographs
Overview of Common Challenges with Old Photographs
Contrast Issues
Dust and
Noise and Texture
Color to GayscaleTechniques
Sepia Toning and ConsistentTonal Matching of Images
Replacing Missing Information and Repairing a Tear
When NOT to Clone
Healing Tools
Adjustment Layers
Scanning and Digital Capture vs Traditional Photocopy Techniques
Family Tree Ideas for Genealogy Investigators
Tin Types

Quick Mask and Editing
Channel Masks
Gradient Masking
Dream Glow Masking
Layer Mask and Layer Set Management
Sharpening Masks
Blending Modes
Smart Filters
Adjustment Layers

Portrait Retouching and Background Changes

Facial Flaws Correction
Slimming Techniques
Wrinkle reduction
Bags under the eyes correction
Glasses and glare
Background Changes
Glowing Skin
Teeth Whitening

Digital Album Template Creation and Bookmaking
Personalized Stationery
Album Templates
Sports Card Templates
Creative Backgrounds
Elements Out of Bounds

Custom Brushes

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